The Abyss are creatures created by the Builders to help them shape the universe. An Abyss always accompanies a Gardener, as it is its job to judge the Gardener's work. An Aleph carries the eggs of a Gardener and an Abyss until it finds a suitable environment to let them create life.[1]

Abyss (Ex Nihilo's) (Earth-616) from Avengers NOW! Vol 1 1 002

All of the Abyss except one mysteriously died when the new universal structure was created and the Builders recalled all the Gardeners and forbade them from harvesting worlds, because if the Abyss had no works to judge, they had no purpose.[2]

This race is now extinct, as the last of the Abyss died in combat against the Beyonders.[3]


Population: none; formerly 1


Representatives: Ex Nihilo's Abyss

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