The Acanti are an ancient, billion-year-old spacebound species, who have been around as long as life has existed in the universe, roaming the cosmos in search of knowledge and singing to the stars. A race with pure souls that harm no one, when Acanti die, they hurl themselves into the core of a star, releasing their soul. The Prophet-Singer among the Acanti is the caretaker of the racial soul to which all Acanti are bound. When a Prophet-Singer dies and releases its soul, it passes on to the next Prophet-Singer.[3]



The Acanti were among the first lifeforms to develop in the cosmos and were the first curious sentients. They roamed space passively in the pursuit of knowledge.[4]

The Brood

When the Brood arrived in the Milky Way galaxy ages ago, they saw the potential of the Acanti as living faster-than-light transportation. The Brood therefore enslaved the race by infecting individual Acanti with the Slaver Virus, including the Prophet-Singer. When the Prophet-Singer later died, its carcass was left on Sleazeworld. As the Prophet- Singer had not released its soul by plunging into the core of a star, the Acanti race continued to remain bound to the dead Prophet-Singer which the Brood knew. With the assistance of the X-Men and Binary, the soul of the dead Prophet-Singer was released, and the Acanti race freed from bondage with a new Prophet-Singer to lead them.[3]

The Brood nevertheless continued to use the Acanti as ships.[5]


Acanti are gargantuan creatures, ranging in size from a few miles in length to hundreds of miles long. One Acanti that encountered the Starjammer, easily dwarfed the 38-mile long dreadnought and swallowed the ship.[6] The planet-bound corpse of the Prophet-Singer was colossal compared to other Acanti, spreading past the horizon and its rib bones reaching above the breathable atmosphere of the planet.[7]

Alternate realities


In this reality, Xavier somehow became an Acanti.[8] Eventually, he became infested by the Brood, and his psychic potential was used by the Brood Queen.[9]


Ego the Necroworld consumed the last of the Acanti.[10]

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On Earth-92131, an Acanti was enslaved by the Brood to be their vessel. It was freed when Professor X used his psychic powers to break the Brood's control. The Brood (called "The Family") couldn't stand the Acanti's song, while the X-Man Rogue found it beautiful.[11]

Powers and Abilities


Faster-than-light travel


Can fly and survive in the vacuum of space

Average Strength level

Class 100


Habitat: The Vacuum of Space
Gravity: 0.0
Atmosphere: The Vacuum of Space


Cultural Traits: Peaceful


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