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The Acanti are an ancient, billion-year-old spacebound species, who have been around as long as life has existed in the universe, roaming the cosmos in search of knowledge and singing to the stars. A race with pure souls that harm no one, when Acanti die, they hurl themselves into the core of a star, releasing their soul. The Prophet-Singer among the Acanti is the caretaker of the racial soul to which all Acanti are bound. When a Prophet-Singer dies and releases its soul, it passes on to the next Prophet-Singer.[5]



The Acanti were among the first lifeforms to develop in the cosmos and were the first curious sentients. They roamed space passively in the pursuit of knowledge.[6]

The Brood[]

When the Brood arrived in the Milky Way galaxy ages ago, they saw the potential of the Acanti as living faster-than-light transportation. The Brood therefore enslaved the race by infecting individual Acanti with the Slaver Virus, including the Prophet-Singer. When the Prophet-Singer later died, its carcass was left on Sleazeworld. As the Prophet-Singer had not released its soul by plunging into the core of a star, the Acanti race continued to remain bound to the dead Prophet-Singer which the Brood knew. With the assistance of the X-Men and Binary, the soul of the dead Prophet-Singer was released, and the Acanti race was freed from bondage with a new Prophet-Singer to lead them.[5] The Brood nevertheless continued to use the Acanti as ships.[7]


Acanti are gargantuan creatures, ranging in size from a few miles in length to hundreds of miles long. One Acanti that encountered the Starjammer, easily dwarfed the 38-mile long dreadnought and swallowed the ship.[8] The planet-bound corpse of the Prophet-Singer was colossal compared to other Acanti, spreading past the horizon and its rib bones reaching above the breathable atmosphere of the planet.[9]

The Chitauri had bred Acanti with Starsharks in order to create their Leviathans.[10]

Alternate Realities[]


In this reality, Xavier somehow became an Acanti.[11] Eventually, he became infested by the Brood, and his psychic potential was used by the Brood Queen.[12]


Ego the Necroworld consumed the last of the Acanti.[3]

Acanti from X-Men The Animated Series Season 4 14 002


On Earth-92131, an Acanti was enslaved by the Brood to be their vessel. It was freed when Professor X used his psychic powers to break the Brood's control. The Brood (called "The Family") couldn't stand the Acanti's song, while the X-Man Rogue found it beautiful.[13]


Acanti from Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (video game) 001

An Acanti being killed by the Magus.

One Acanti was encountered by the Guardians of the Galaxy and was about to attack them, but was killed by Magus. Later on, a group of Acanti were seen accompanying Lady Hellbender.[14]

Moira II.4[]

During an interstellar war, Arakko was mostly destroyed and forced to be relocated on an Acanti to escape. What was left of the X-Men found refuge on the Acanti which was then attacked by Orbis Stellaris's forces.[15]

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman Speed: The Acanti were capable of Flfaster-than-light travel.[16]

Flight: The Acanti could fly through the vacuum of space.[16]

Self-Sustenance: The Acanti could survive in the vacuum of space.[16]

Healing: By bonding with a humanoid being, the Acanti could heal that individual of any affliction such as being implanted with a Brood embryo.[16]

Regeneration: The Acanti's flesh could heal any breaches to their "hull".[17]

Average Strength Level

Class 100



The Vacuum of Space






Cultural Traits

In opposition to the Brood, the Acanti were inherently peaceful.[16] They held a great respect for the cycle of life, death and rebirth which was tied to the role of stars. The Acanti worshiped these celestial bodies through their music, and when they neared their deaths they hurled themselves into the stars in a metaphorical way to be consumed by the universe that had birthed them. Through this, their soul would be recycled and passed to the next generation which carried the memories of the entire race.[18] The Acanti Prophet-Singer were acquired to go through this ritual, else their race wouldn't be able to survive.[16]


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