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The Accuser Corps are the Kree Empire's planetary police and militia who bring justice to those who are accused of crimes against the empire.[1] They were an elite soldier class who maintained Kree Law, acting as judges, juries and executioners. Their penial code allowed the Accusers to sentence criminals with death, exile and brainwashing.[2] The Accuser Corps were seen as the Kree Empire's living weapons.[3] Kree could become part of the Accuser Corps after passing tests of blood and courage, a tradition that had persisted for three thousand generations.[4]

There was a secret branch of the Accuser Corps dubbed the Black Judges.[5]



The Accusers' armor provides protection, scanners, cloaking, and enhances their strength. It is adaptable.


The Accusers can fire powerful blasts from their eyes wearing the armor. The Accusers wield the Universal Weapon or Cosmi-Rod. They can use it for energy blasts, forcefields, matter manipulation and flight.

The weapon has a built-in failsafe: only Accusers in their armor can safely wield it.

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