Ace Peterson is Mike Peterson's son. He was with his father when an explosion occurred at a nearby building. Mike promptly tells him to stay with a hotdog vender and goes into the building. After saving a doctor from inside he reaches his son and leaves the area with him.[1]

Centipede abducted Ace after they learned Mike had become an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and held him hostage in exchange for Agent Phil Coulson. Mike betrayed his fellow agents by telling them Centipede wanted him in exchange for Ace, and handed Coulson over to Centipede. At the last moment, Mike left Ace with the rest of his team and turned around to save Coulson, but was apparently killed in a fiery explosion.[2]

Ace was later returned to his aunt under the protection of a S.H.I.E.L.D. team.[3] However, he was kidnapped again, this time by Hydra, who held him at a Cybertek facility in New Mexico, under the "Incentives Program", where other people were kidnapped to force their loved ones to do Hydra's bidding. Ace was then rescued by Skye, who then informed his father that he's safe, enabling Mike to rebel against Hydra. Ace was later reunited with his family, though Mike abstains from seeing him, wanting to redeem himself for the crimes Hydra forced him to commit. [4]

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