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Ace Turmbull

Ace Turmbull was a gambler and thief who was active during the days of the American Frontier. He operated out of Buckhorn, Wyoming, and came up with an idea to rob stage coaches while disguised as the Two-Gun Kid, fooling the local authorities. He was able to avoid arrest, making the sheriff look bad and his son Burt determined to capture the Two-Gun Kid so his father would have his reputation restored.

When the real Two-Gun Kid rode into town, he was determined to clear his name. When he was about to confront the sheriff, Ace got to him first and warned Two-Gun to flee town as a posse was out looking for him for the theft of a stage coach and the murder of it's driver. Two-Gun was soon chased out of town by the posse. Ace then disguised himself as Two-Gun and held up another coach. When he fled the scene the real Two-Gun was attacked by the posse out looking for him and was captured, blinded in the process by a bullet that creased his brow. With a lynch mob forming outside the sheriff's office, Ace once more pretended to aid Two-Gun by giving him a gun through the bars of the windows to escape from his cell. Two-Gun managed to escape custody, a blow to the head from Burt restoring his vision and tracked down his impostors hideout a cave which contained a horse and outfit that matched his own.

Two-Gun followed the real thief's backtrail to the local saloon where Two-Gun outted Ace Turmbull as the impostor, pointing out that the thief always wore shoes and not cowboy boots. When Ace attempted to get the draw on Two-Gun and the sheriffs, the sheriff's son Burt gunned him down, killing him. Two-Gun was later cleared of all charges.[1]


Ace rode a black stallion.


Ace carried six-guns.

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