Achmed Korba (Earth-616) from Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol 1 12 0002

Achmed Korba

Achmed Korba used a restaurant in Saigon as a front for smuggling and espionage. He was on a country expedition when he encountered the Man-Beast who granted him power in exchange for loyalty. His powers were limited so that they could only be used when in contact with an innocent and pure being. His partner Sha Shan became Sister Sun and he led a cult called the Legion of Light.[1]

Sha Shan fled Vietnam to avoid Korba, but he eventually found her again in America.[2]

He was eventually defeated by Spider-Man and Flash Thompson. [3]


Korba possessed superhuman strength and durability. Within contact with Sister Sun, he could fire powerful burst of energy from his chest.


His helmet enabled him to send and receive thoughts to and from Man-Beast.

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