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The Acolytes are Magneto's team of mutants. He gathered them after the destruction of Asteroid M and his parting with Mystique, who had previously gathered the Brotherhood on Magneto's orders. The first mention of his squad was when Magneto approached Warren Worthington to join (he refused).[1]

The Acolytes first appeared during Magneto's plan to reveal the existence of mutants to humanity. The team was revealed to consitst of Piotr Rasputin, codename Colossus, Remy LeBeau, codename Gambit, Victor Creed, a.k.a. Sabretooth, and St. John Allerdyce, codename Pyro.[2] They fought against the combined forces of the X-Men and the Brotherhood, but disappeared once Bolivar Trask released his Sentinel and Magneto was apparently defeated by Wanda.

It was also revealed that Quicksilver, though a member of the Brotherhood, had been working for Magneto all along.[3] Magneto later recruited Mastermind to manipulate his daughter Wanda's memories so that she would cease her vendetta against him.[4]

For some time, Magneto enlisted the Brotherhood temporarily, handling them first through Gambit and then Quicksilver.

It is unknown how all of his Acolytes came to join. But it is known in the case of Colossus and Sabretooth. Colossus was blackmailed by Magneto, saying that his family would be harmed if he didn't follow his orders. Sabretooth was shown to believe that Magneto was the future for all Mutants and is fiercely loyal to him.

Following Magneto's apparent death at the hands of Apocalypse, the Acolytes were effectively disbanded. Colossus immediately returned home to Russia. Sabretooth and Gambit also left, leaving Pyro alone in the Acolytes' old headquarters, where he repeatedly watched TV footage of Magneto's destruction. Gambit later resurfaced, looking for Rogue's help to deal with a personal matter, and Colossus helped the X-Men battle Apocalypse's Horsemen in the finale.

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