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It all started a decade after Magneto was allowed to establish Avalon, a sanctuary for mutants that hovers over Earth. Magneto had decided to let his mutants rule themselves so that he won't be a dictator. Unfortunately, the Acolytes had divided themselves into two warring groups: the Isolationists and the Annihilates. The Isolationists wants to move Avalon to another system and the other wants to simply destroy humanity and take Earth for themselves. Magneto stopped the two from fighting when they nearly destroyed Avalon.

Days later, Hank McCoy delivered the very first baby born on Avalon. The parents are Rusty and Skids. Dr. McCoy discovered that according to the tests, the baby is born with the power to chose any mutation he wants. He may be the 'Ultimate Mutant'.

The two groups discovered the baby and feel threatened. They went up to Magneto for advice but since they didn't listen to him in the past, he told them to solve the problem themselves. So, the two groups teamed up and fight Rusty, Skids, and Hank to kill the baby. After a battle, Amelia managed to suffocate the baby with her power.

Later, Skids and Rusty left Avalon, hurt by what happened to their baby. Dr. McCoy followed them. Colossus was getting ready to leave but then confronted Magneto about the baby. It turned out that the baby was normal and that Magneto had altered the tests to give the two warring groups a mutual threat. Then, Colossus asked what would happen if a real 'Ultimate being' is born.[1]

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