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Acroyear was crown prince of the ebony skinned race whose name he bore. A comet blazed over the skies of Spartak when Acroyear was born, indicating his significance as a future king of his people.[1]

For a time, Acroyear's people served Karza under the mind control of Shaitan, Acroyear's traitorous, albino brother.[2] Acroyear was imprisoned by Karza to fight in the Body Pits, but was freed by Arcturus Rann and his allies, joining the Micronauts.[3]

To help defeat Baron Karza, Acroyear sacrificed the Worldmind of Spartak, thus rendering it incapable of supporting life. For this, Acroyear was branded a traitor and cast out by his people while his bonded mate Cilicia ruled as regent.[4]

Acroyear vowed to redeem himself and continued traveling with the Micronauts, most of whom were also outcasts. Acroyear eventually sacrificed his life essence to engineer the rebirth of Homeworld, along with the other Micronauts.[5]

Although several of his fellow Micronauts resurfaced after their apparent sacrifice,[6] Acroyear's survival remains a matter of debate (see Notes).

Powers and Abilities

Physical Strength

Enhanced strength (typical of the Acroyear race)



Metallic armor capable of withstanding extreme heat and a bullet fired at point-blank range


Proton cannon, energy sword


Anti-gravitational glider wings


Being a licensed title, many elements of Micronauts were taken from the original toy line of the same name, including Acroyear. Because Marvel has long since lost the Micronauts license, Acroyear can still appear in Marvel Comics so long as he is not named and does not appear in his traditional armor.

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