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Action Pack
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Team #15,[1] Kentucky Initiative
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The fifteenth team founded after the passing of the 50-State Initiative
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Action Pack is the fifteenth team founded after the passing of the 50-State Initiative. The team originally included Vox (the team's leader, who seems to have at least some degree of technological aptitude), Prima Donna (a superhuman supermodel, whose abilities include enhanced strength), and a Skrull impostor who posed as Frog-Man.[1]

After they had just finished the construction of their base Justice and Cloud 9 tore through the wall attempting to verify whether Michael Van Patrick was dead or alive. Subsequently, the Action Pack's only known altercation came following Justice's arrival, in which he used his telekinetic abilities to temporarily disable the team, so as to avoid questions about his and Cloud 9's search for Michael Van Patrick.[1]

Action Pack


  • Dan Slott created Action Pack when fans asked him to bring back Frog-Man.

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