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Located in Antarctica, within the Eternal base known as the Exclusion, the Activation Chamber has been used by the Eternals to revive their fallen since their race began one million years ago. It and the Machine are known to have been operational while the First Host of the Celestials was still on Earth. At that time, the resurrection machines would sacrifice the lives of Deviants whenever Eternals had to be resurrected[7] but, as the human population grew, the sacrifices became humans instead.[4]

The Resurrection Machine was especially important after the Ascension of Kronos to Cosmic Potential occurred 500,000 years ago[8] and destroyed the first Eternal city, Titanos, nearly destroyed the Machine, and killed all of the Eternals in the initial explosion. All of the Eternals had to be killed and reborn in the Chamber several more times before they finally managed to stabilize the anomaly generated by the explosion.[9]

At some point after the Great 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, Sprite began meddling with the memories of the other Eternals and, among other things, made them forget the existence of the Activation Chamber.[2]

Still, eventually, Phastos intuitively re-created a smaller version of the Chamber to revive Virako,[3] although soon it didn't matter anymore, as Sprite wiped the memories of the Eternals and made them all believe they were normal humans.[2]

After Sprite was dealt with, the Eternals regained all their memories, and the use of the Chamber was resumed as usual.[10][1][9]

When the Eternals discovered the truth about why they had been created, went mad and killed themselves and/or each other,[11] the Machine used the Activation Chamber to restore them to life.[9] Soon afterwards, it was revealed that Zuras had been murdered and the Machines of Resurrection were inoperative.[6] Eventually, after learning that Phastos had been the one who had tried to stop the Machine, Ikaris managed, at the cost of his life, to reactivate the Machine's core systems which brought the Resurrection Engines back online. Ikaris was then the first to be resurrected, followed by Zuras.[4]

As Ikaris was being resurrected, Phastos revealed that he had found out about the sacrifices, and Sersi admitted that she had known it all along. A small group of Eternals then approached Zuras, who promised that the matter would be discussed in the upcoming Uni-Mind, but Sersi warned them that they had tried this several times before and had been mindwiped every time.[4]

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  • According to Eternals (Vol. 5) #7, one of the times when some Eternals learned the truth about the cost of their resurrections was 20,000 years ago. At that time, swift action was not taken because they could only harm themselves with their knowledge.

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