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The Actor was a Soviet Spy who approached the Red Barbarian posing as Nikita Khrushchev. The Barabrian was taken aback and after the Actor revealed himself and his disguise abilities, the Red Barbarian enlisted his aid in stealing the plans for a Disintegrator weapon under construction at Stark Industries from Tony Stark.

Actor (Earth-616) from Tales of Suspense Vol 1 42 002

Impersonating Tony Stark

The Actor disguised himself as a famous actor to travel to America, and then as a senator to trick Stark into flying to D.C., leaving the Actor the ability to disguise himself as Tony Stark and walk into the plant. His plan was enacted successfully and whilst obtaining the plans, he discovered Stark's secret identity as Iron Man. He left, planning to use this later if he needed and attempted to return to the Red Barbarian, leaving some of his men behind to kill the real Stark. Stark was able to overpower his men and followed the Actor. He captured, the Actor, took back the plans and tricked the Red Barbarian into believing he was the real Actor. After leaving, Iron Man freed the Actor who attempted to tell the Barbarian about Iron Man's real identity in hopes of gaining forgiveness. However, the Red Barbarian did not believe the Actor and thought he had been tricked and sent to have the Actor executed.[1]

The Actor was later revealed to not have been killed, working, again, under the command of the Red Barbarian as part of the Neo-Soviets, a group of former Soviet agents. The Actor was able to assist in capturing Iron Man (Tony Stark) by impersonating his best friend James "Rhodey" Rhodes only for his ruse to be broken when Stark punched him out in anger at the seeming betrayal.[2][3]



Impersonation: The Actor was a master of impersonation. He could adjust his own facial structure so that with a little make up and perhaps a wig, he could impersonate almost anyone. He could perform rapid changes, duplicating the appearance of others within a few minutes after seeing only a photograph of that person.

Espionage: The Actor was also skilled in espionage, and had some degree of training in armed and unarmed combat. He sometimes worked with other communist spies or soldiers.

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