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Origin and early years

That story was recounted in Genesis 1,2,3.
Adam was the First Man of Biblical Legend, created by the Creator from dust from the earth the sixth day of the creation. God had created Man with power over fish, birds, cattle and everything that crept upon Earth. He then saw that he needed a helpmate so He created Eve, and placed them in the Garden of Eden.[1]

Before marrying Eve, Adam was partners with Lilith. However, the couple argued over which of them was better, which caused Lilith to leave Adam.[5]

He at one point lived in peace, but one day was convinced by Eve (herself tricked by the Serpent) to eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Feeling ashamed of what they had done, and covering themselves, they were found by God who condemned mankind to pain and sorrow. He dressed them of coats of skin, expelled them from Eden, and placed a flaming sword to guard the Tree of Life.[1]


After his physical death, Adam was forced to stand guard over the Primal Matrix as both a reward and punishment for his actions in life. His body is forced to suffer the pain of every transgression of man against the creator to occur since his own, and thus suffers from an incredibly scarred visage which he originally chose to hide under a mask, taking the name Spyros.[3]

In order to stop Kometes from bringing about the destruction of the world, the Son of Satan (Daimon Hellstrom) travelled back in time and was escorted to the Primal Matrix by the Atlantean sorceress Zhered-Na, where Kometes waited. Spyros attacked Hellstrom as none but he was allowed to access the Matrix. Spyros also recognized Hellstrom as the Son of Satan, the one who had caused his original disobedience. Hellstrom retorted by saying that though his father may have tempted him, it was Adam's own choice to disobey his God. The angered Spyros threw his axe at Hellstrom, but it was deflected by a blast of hellfire, causing it to hurtle into Kometes instead, destroying it. His task complete, Hellstrom departed the Matrix with Zhered-Na, the world having been saved.[3]


Somehow escaping from his condemning, Adam possessed Man-Thing while he was fixing the Nexus of All Realities, causing the history of the Men of Lineage to be revealed, and Sallis learned that his relation with Ellen was predestined to restore his hereditary mission. Ellen, the Man-Thing, and K'ad-Mon recovered Nexus fragments from within the maddened Devil-Slayer, from Howard the Duck (despite the opposition of Mahapralaya and a revived Cult of Entropy), from Cleito herself in ancient Atlantis, and from a Nexus-blessed planet that Ellen had to destroy to save reality.[6][7]

Their efforts to restore the Nexus were opposed by the Fallen Star Mr. Termineus, the embodiment of finality, who had visited the young Ted Sallis over the years. Termineus had captured Ellen's long-lost son Job Burke and trained him as his disciple in a plot to destroy all existence.[8] Devil-Slayer united the remaining Fallen Stars, including K'ad-Mon and Sorrow, to stop Termineus. Using the power of the final Nexus fragment, Termineus succeeded in shattering the healing Nexus, wiping out all reality.[9]

However, Sallis' nature as a Man of The Lineage (combined with his love for Ellen) allowed him to briefly maintain the dream of existence; he joined forces with Job, who rebelled against his mentor, to re-imagine the creator's dream that had formed reality. All existence was restored, with Ted and Ellen inhabiting the Nexus itself, while K'ad-Mon retained control of the Man-Thing. Job returned home with his adoptive parents to live his life and prepare for his future destiny. Termineus began to plot anew to bring about the endgame, but as it was he who had involved K'ad-Mon in this struggle, he had to deal with bringing about his own failure, due to his inability to relinquish the love in his heart for his former wife, Sorrow.[4]

Shortly thereafter, the ancient Scrier mutated one of his cabal members into the Outrider to seize the Nexus. Spider-Man helped foil this plot, and Ted and Ellen drew the consciousness of the Nexus down into the Man-Thing, merging into a powerful collective being. This merged being left the earthly sphere, becoming the new Nexus, and the magic of the swamp reformed the Man-Thing's original form, apparently instilling it with the residual memory of Sallis' consciousness as before.[4]

Fear Itself

Ashamed and driven to madness because of his guilt as the accidental creator of sin, Adam devoted himself to one day eradicating sin from mankind at the cost of turning them into mindless drones. To that end, Adam took in orphaned children and trained them within a Nicaraguan temple to be the host of the Ghost Rider.[10][11]

When the Serpent was freed from his prison and summoned his Worthy to strike fear in Earth's inhabitants, Adam took this as a sign to make his move and offered to take the curse of the Ghost Rider from Johnny Blaze.[12]

After he accepted, Adam awakened the Seeker and had him pick the new Ghost Rider among his students. Alejandra, an 18-year-old girl, was chosen and was immediately sent to battle Skadi, one of the Serpent's avatars.[10]

Upon her return, Adam demanded that she destroy the sin in her fellow students. She refused, so Adam enslaved her. Johnny Blaze, realizing from Mephisto that he doomed humanity, journeyed to Nicaragua to stop them. But Adam turned Alejandra's powers into a bomb that went off, taking away the sin from the Nicaraguans, turning them into mindless, emotionless shells of the individuals they once were. The only ones unaffected by the blast were Johnny and the Seeker.[13]

Adam brought Alejandra to Cape Canaveral and the two boarded a space shuttle that brought them to a space station. There, he planned to magnify her powers with a camera lens onboard the space station that would erase sin from everyone on Earth. Johnny Blaze made a deal with Mephisto so that he could go to space and stop them. He succeeded, resulting in an explosion that consumed Adam while Alejandra brought Johnny to safety.[14]

Adam survived the explosion and ordered Steel Wind and Steel Vengeance to bring Alejandra to him. His plan failed and he was not seen from again until Alejandra approached him and demanded he give her more power with the intention of battling Mephisto, which he agreed to.[15]


Afterwards, Adam took on the form of the Oldfather. He watched over the Swamplands and its inhabitants, and guarded the doorway to the Nexus of All Realities.[16] He battled the likes of Doctor Strange.[17]

However, the Oldfather was kidnapped and dragged into the Nexus of All Realities, causing the swamp to go into chaos. To save him, Man-Thing entered the doorway. He entered a reality where he was forced to fight for the Oldfather in a gladiatorial arena. Sallis was forced to fight against gladiator Tiny Behemoth. To preserve his honor, Tiny Behemoth killed himself. This caused leader of the arena, Queen Irena, to have her henchmen put a blade to the Oldfather's throat. After being locked, Sallis regained his power and bargained with Queen Irena. However, Irena tricked him, telling him to enter a room where The Eye stood. The Eye hypnotized Man-Thing into beheading the Oldfather. Due to is immortality, Adam's head survived. Adam instructed Sallis to find his body. The Oldfather eventually got reconnected with his body. He then used a chant to return him back to their reality, but Man-Thing entered the wrong reality.[16][18][19][20]



Adam is considered to be a powerful being.[2] He has displayed the following powers:

  • Immortality: Adam was an immortal who survived countless years after his creation and survived through the ages while apparently immune to the rigors of time. He survived being inside an exploding space station and a violent reentry into the Earth's atmosphere with nothing more than some burns.[2] At one point, Adam did suffer a physical death, but did return.[3]
  • Teleportation[12]
  • Power Enhancement: He can enhance the power levels of others.[2]
  • Possession[21]
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Magic: Adam could use magic
  • Resistance against hellfire


Although he can survive immortally, Adam can die if his head is separated from his body for too long, showing that he can be killed although it is hard.[20]



Adam used many weapons over his various possessions. As Spyros he wielded a giant axe. As Man-Thing, he wielded the Staff of the Creator. As the Oldfather, he wielded a staff.


  • It is unknown if Adam has any relation with Gayomar, who was said to be the first of all men.

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