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Adam's appearance with the power of Thor

Adam Aziz was a mechanic that lived in Broxton, Oklahoma almost his entire life. Adam once spent nine years in federal prison for aggravated assault and armed robbery. Adam ran an auto shop and fixed cars for people who couldn't afford to have their cars fixed.[1]

One day, the magic hammer Mjolnir landed near his shop. When Adam went to investigate, he discovered Tony Stark's phone number engraved on the hammer. So, Adam called Tony about the hammer, and Tony arrived soon after. While Tony talked to a crowd of onlookers, Adam told Tony that the inscription on Mjolnir had changed to pick it up. Out of safety concerns, Tony set up a force field around Mjolnir. However, Adam was within the force field. Ignoring warnings from Tony to not touch Mjolnir, Adam touched it and was transformed into a being similar to Thor.[1]

Thor appeared later to collect Mjolnir from Adam, but was interrupted by Tony. Then it was revealed the magic of Odin on it was broken so that, like Adam, anyone could wield it despite their worthiness. After a brief conversation with Iron Man, Adam made a wish to Thor to fly in the sky like a bird, like he always saw them fly. Thor granted it and then Adam returned to normal by slamming Mjolnir hard on the ground. Before going, he advised Thor that most things can be repaired by turning them off and on, and if that didn't work, then hammer it until it's fixed.[2]

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