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Quote1.png Your vehicle has a homing device and the engine is in perfect working order. It will be fully operational as soon as the depleted power plant is recharged...A simple task for one who possesses the Power Cosmic. Quote2.png
Silver Surfer[src]

The Adam Destine's van was a VW van modified by Newton Destine.[1]


Maurice, Newton, Sebastian, William used the van to travel to Woodstock in 1969. They older brothers also brought along their younger brothers Dom and Vincent.[2]

At some point, Newton modified the van to be capable of interstellar flight.[3]

After Vincent's death, Adam used the van to travel into deep space hoping to die and find some peace for his immense guilt.[4]

Light years away from Earth, the depowered and damaged van was discovered by the Silver Surfer with Adam still alive inside.[5] When Adam sensed that his children were in mortal peril, the Silver Surfer used the Power Cosmic to recharge his van and Adam was able to travel home.[1] Crashing at his family estate, Newton was able to teleport Adam to save the rest of Clan Destine from Lenz.[6]

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