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After his physical death, Adam was made to stand guard over the Primal Matrix as both a reward and punishment for his actions in life. His body is forced to suffer the pain of every transgression of man against the creator to occur since his own, and thus suffers from an incredibly scarred visage which he originally chose to hide under a mask, taking the name Spyros.[citation needed]

In order to stop Kometes from bringing about the destruction of the world, the Son of Satan (Daimon Hellstrom) travelled back in time and was escorted to the Primal Matrix by the Atlantean sorceress Zhered-Na, where Kometes waited. Spyros attacked Hellstrom as none but he was allowed to access the Matrix. Spyros also recognized Hellstrom as the Son of Satan, the one who had caused his original disobedience. Hellstrom retorted by saying that though his father may have tempted him, it was Adam's own choice to disobey his God. The angered Spyros threw his axe at Hellstrom, but it was deflected by a blast of hellfire, causing it to hurtle into Kometes instead, destroying it. His task complete, Hellstrom departed the Matrix with Zhered-Na, the world having been saved.[1]


  • Unrevealed degree of mystical powers.
  • Some resistance against hellfire.
  • Appears to be superhumanly strong.


As Spyros, Adam wielded a giant axe. As Man-Thing, K'ad-Mon wielded the Staff of the Creator

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