Adam Kipiniak was an Eastern European painter and brother of contract killer Kris Kipiniak. After killing Kris, Madcap captured Adam, tied him into a wheelchair, taped his mouth, and dressed him in a Madcap costume.

Adam Kipiniak (Earth-616) from Deadpool Vol 4 26 001

Impersonating Madcap

When Deadpool investigated Kris' murder after being sent his heart in a box by Madcap, he found Adam hidden in a secret room behind a wall in his apartment, and initially though he was Madcap, who had strapped a speaker to Adam's neck and spoke through it to enhance the pretense. Deadpool saw through the trick before stabbing Adam, and unmasked him, later deciding to leave a bomb squad to cut him loose, in case he had also been booby-trapped.[1]

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