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Adam was one of several children genetically engineered from the DNA of Emperor D'ken of the Shi'ar Empire and Katherine Summers from Earth. They were part of the Emperor's attempt to introduce the genetic potential of other species into the Shi'ar royal family.[6][3]

Adam was abducted from the laboratory in which he was created by Jonath — former commander of the Emperor's personal guard. Jonath brought him to an outback farming planet called Ch'reesharaa and hid his true origins. He raised Adam as his own son, teaching him to fight and farm.[5][2]

Years later, when his mutant powers first manifested the fellow villagers shunned him out of fear. Jonath told Adam that he was a hybrid and if he wanted to learn more about his powers, then he would need to visit Earth some day.[5]

At some point the villagers captured wounded Imperial Praetor Guards. They helped them recover and then released them. However, the Guards returned with members of the Crystal Claws — fanatic followers of the now-former emperor D'ken. They learned of Adam's existence and wanted to use him to reclaim the throne of the Shi'ar Empire from Empress Lilandra. Jonath refused to give up Adam, so the Crystal Claws attacked the planet. Jonath and his comrades sacrificed their lives in order to give Adam enough time to escape.[6][2]

After leaving Ch'reesharaa, Adam wandered from place to place for years; never staying anywhere for long. He became a fierce warrior and an experienced pilot,[7] and eventually decided to visit Earth to learn more about his origins.[5][2]

Strong Industries vs X-Force

Adam had no knowledge of Earth, so he didn't know where to start looking for answers. He was contacted by Martin Strong who proposed a deal — Adam would help him hunt down other mutants, while Martin would use his contacts to find out information about Adam's origins. Adam agreed and joined Strong Industries. Since he hadn't known his surname, Strong gave him the name Adam-X and also nicknamed him X-Treme for his temper and abilities.[2]

At Strong Industries, Adam met Michelle Balters; they both felt a mutual attraction and soon fell in love. However when she ran away from Strong, Adam was ordered to return her. When he found Michelle, X-Force intervened, but Adam easily neutralized them and retreated. Later he agreed to help X-Force take down Strong, and used his powers to defeat him. Cable offered him a position with X-Force, but Adam refused still wanting to find answers to his questions.[2]

Searching for answers

Weeks later Adam was captured by Arcade who pitted him against Shatterstar in a life-or-death battle. After a short battle the two joined together and defeated Arcade together, forcing him to reveal he was hired by Mr. Milbury to test Adam.[8]

Adam searched for information about Mr. Milbury, but couldn't find much. The only clue he found was about Milbury's involvement in the Alamogordo Research Facility decades ago alongside Alexander Ryking. He tracked down Ryking's son Carter in Roswell State Minimum Security Prison to learn anything he could about Milbury. Ryking was unable to provide any useful information and instead directed Adam to Charles Xavier.[9]

Meeting with Philip Summers

Instead of heading to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, however, Adam went to Alaska. One day he witnessed the crash of an airplane from afar. He rushed to the location of the crash just in time to save the pilot — Philip Summers — from the plane exploding. He carried Philip away and took care of him for several days before they were discovered and rescued. In the hospital Adam met Jean Grey, who sensed that there was a connection between Adam and the Summers family. Before leaving the hospital, Adam allowed Jean to transfer memories of his days as a Shi'ar combat pilot to Philip as a farewell gift.[7]

Eric the Red

Adam continued his search and came across the Shi'ar agent Eric the Red, facing him in battle he los, and was brainwashed.[10][4] Eric sent him to kill Genis-Vell, but during the battle they were displaced to the Negative Zone which freed Adam from Shikari's mind control. Together, Adam and Genis went to Shakari's base where they had to fight with the Sidri hunters and Eric himself.[3]

During the battle Eric the Red revealed that Adam was the son of D'ken and a woman from Earth, bred specifically to bring the X-Gene into the Shi'ar royal family and that it was always his destiny to rule the Shi'ar Empire. Eric planned to kill Genis-Vell to provoke conflict between the Shi'ar and the Kree Empire and use it to overthrow the ruling Empress Lilandra and put Adam on the throne. Adam refused to follow Eric's plan and in a renewed battle Eric seemingly died.[3]

Finally getting the answers that he searched for, Adam decided to ignore his so-called destiny and continue wandering the Earth.[3]

The Burning Blood

Weeks later Eric the Red and the Crystal Claws resurfaced in Alaska. In order to find Adam again, they kidnapped Philip and Deborah Summers to force their grandsons — Cyclops and Havok to help them. Cyclops asked his son Cable to contact Adam to let him know of the situation. Cable found Adam at a farm in Iowa, and asked him to meet and talk with Cyclops and Havok in Des Moines. While heading to Des Moines, Adam was attacked by the Starjammers Hepzibah and Raza Longknife, who had been sent by Empress Lilandra to apprehend Adam. During the fight, Cyclops and Havok appeared after locating Adam using a tracking device Cable had placed on him. Cyclops and Havok tried to convince Adam to help them, but Adam refused to get involved, and ran away.[5]

When the Starjammers and the Summers brothers caught up with Adam, Adam used his powers on them. While the Starjammers went down, the Summers were strangely unaffected by Adam's power and their powers also had no effect on Adam. Then Corsair appeared from the Starjammers' ship and revealed to his sons that Adam was their brother before firing an energy pistol at Adam's head.[6]

Christopher thought he had killed Adam, but Adam revealed that he was created to withstand a headshot. After talking things over the Starjammers, the Summers brothers, and Adam worked out a plan. While heading for the Blue Area of the Moon to meet with Eric the Red, Christopher revealed that the Earth woman that D'ken used to create Adam was Christopher's dead wife and mother of Scott and Alex — Katherine, making Adam their maternal half-brother. After arriving on the Blue Area of the Moon, the Starjammers, the Summers brothers, and Adam fought Eric the Red and his followers with Adam taking them out with his powers. Despite rescuing Phillip and Deborah, Christopher felt unease about Adam and called in the Imperial Guard. Adam decided he was tired of running and agreed to meet with Empress Lilandra. He proposed a plan to her — erase everyone's memories of his existence and true heritage, and let him live his life back on Earth. Seeing that Adam posed no threat to the Shi'ar Empire, Lilandra agreed. Cyclops and Havok weren't happy to lose their brother shortly after finding him, but still agreed with his plan. Oracle erased all of their memories and Adam returned back to the farm in Iowa.[1]

San Francisco

Years later, when Simon Trask led the Humanity Now! coalition in a march on San Francisco, the current home of the X-Men and many other mutants in an effort to get the government to pass breeding restrictions on mutants, Adam-X, alongside fellow mutants Lorelei Travis, Erg, Litterbug, and Meld led a counter-protest that quickly turned violent before being interrupted by Hawkeye.[11]

After this initial scuffle, Adam-X, Meld, Lorelei, Sunspot, Match, and Hellion met at Avalanche's bar, and discussed what actions they should take. Deciding to hold a protest in a public place, the group gathered, openly defying a curfew instituted by Norman Osborn in his capacity as director of H.A.M.M.E.R.. Viewing this protest as a good moment to launch his new mutant team, Osborn ordered Emma Frost to lead her X-Men against the group.[12][13]

Seemingly, he wasn't freed by X-Force and sent to the newly built mutant Utopia as he was taken in custody for a time by the S.W.O.R.D.,[14] in a plan to proceed with the deportation of any alien element of Earth.[15] He returned at some time to San Francisco, unbeknownst to Steven Rogers' intel.[14]

When Kuurth attacked San Francisco, Adam helped the X-Men to stop him, but his powers were ineffective and the results made things worse.[16]


He was recently seen on the mutant-only nation of Krakoa.[17] Later on, he took residence on Mojoworld, doing online commentary on various Mojoworld shows.[18] On one episode of his show, in response to a fan vote, he shot Wind Dancer in the head on live air. On her return to Krakoa she mentioned that she, Adam, Spiral, and Shatterstar were there against their will and couldn't escape.[19]


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An example of Adam's Electrokinetic Haemopyrokinesis

Adam is a Mutant,[2] his abilities include:

  • Electrokinetic Haemopyrokinesis/Sanguine Combustion: Adam can send an electric surge through oxygenated blood, which leads to ignition of the electrolytes present in blood, causing a person to burn from the inside out.[7] To use his power, Adam must first saturate opponent's blood with oxygen. He usually uses various blades to injure the opponent and cause bleeding, thus oxygenated their blood. Also sometime he uses the trigger word "Burn" to activate his power. When employing his power, his eyes glow with a reddish light. The intensity of the burn is variable: he is capable of producing merely a warming sensation,[7] to incinerating a person within a matter of seconds.[2] X-Treme can affect multiple targets with his power, the average intensity of which is enough to stun. Doing so, however, takes a tremendous effort, usually leaving Adam in a weakened state.[2] After learning more about his powers, he stated that in theory he hadn't had a limit to how many targets he can affect at the same time.[5]
    • Self-Burning: Adam can also ignite his own blood, which causes a great deal of pain to him, but greatly enhance his speed. He can only use it for short bursts.[5]

As a Shi'ar/Mutant hybrid Adam also has physical abilities far superior than those of ordinary people, including:

  • Enhanced Agility: His physical agility is about 10 times that of a normal human.[2]
  • Enhanced Reflexes: His reflexes and ability to move are far superior to both human and Shi'ar.[2]
  • Enhanced Strength: He can lift about 500 lbs.
  • Enhanced Speed: He can cover a few miles in a matter of minutes.[7]
  • Enhanced Eyesight: He can see objects at least a mile away with precise clarity.[2]
  • Enhanced Regeneration[7]


Adam is an extremely accomplished fighter. He is also skilled at piloting Shi'ar starships. Other abilities include: tracking, acrobatics, blade combat, and knife throwing.


Genetic Flaw: Adam is immune to Havok's and Cyclops' powers, and they are immune to Adam's.[5]



Adam wields cybernetic, retractable blocking blades named Thet'je that are forged of an unknown Shi'ar metal. The blades are installed in his forearms and extend from the back of his hands when needed. He also uses throwing knives.


  • While he apparently has royal markings, he does not seem to have feathers as is common among Shi'ar royalty.
  • Adam-X was one of the few mutants whose powers hadn't been replicated by the Sublime Corporation into an Xperience inhaler.[20]
Summers brother
From X-Men (Vol. 2) #39 on, Adam was intended to be the additional brother to Cyclops once mentioned cryptically by Mister Sinister (Sinister mentioned that he didn't want Cyclops or "[his] brothers" to succumb to the Legacy Virus), but the plans for this were dropped when Fabian Nicieza left Marvel's various X-Titles in 1995. He was supposed to be the son of D'ken and Katherine Anne Summers, the mother of mutants Vulcan, Cyclops, and Havok, who had been captured by the Shi'ar. While this origin was never confirmed in the comics themselves, Adam is half-human, and Katherine was the only known human woman in Shi'ar space at the time. X-Men #39 (Dec. 1994) featured a story about Adam discovering Philip Summers (father of Christopher Summers and grandfather of Cyclops and Havok) in the Alaskan wilderness and feeling an unusual connection to the old man.

Adam-X is presumed to be the son of Katherine Anne Summers by Emperor D'ken based upon a number of suggestions: Adam's blonde hair, the remark made to Cyclops by Sinister (there is uncertainty about whether or not Sinister would have had any knowledge of Gabriel Summers), the connection felt by Adam towards Phillip, Jean Grey's psionic sensation, and the fact that D'ken kept Katherine as a concubine in his harem prior to ordering her execution.

Nicieza later confirmed that he intended Adam X to be the half-brother of Cyclops and Havok: "ADAM X was INTENDED to be the illegitimate offspring of D'ken and Kate Summers. Taken from D'ken and raised on a farming planet. BUT--and it's a big but--since I never had the opportunity to tell the entire story, what I intended is worth the screen it's printed on." rec.arts.comics.marvel.xbooks, August 1998

Nicieza left the X-Men office in 1995, and many of his plots were taken in new directions. While it was always intended that Adam X is in fact the "third Summers brother", the idea was seemingly retconned in favor of a new character introduced by Ed Brubaker in the mini-series X-Men: Deadly Genesis: Vulcan. Yet, like Adam X, Vulcan is connected to the Shi'ar.

However, Adam could still be the brother to Cyclops and Havok mentioned by Sinister (since he was intended to be their half-brother on their mother's side, he would never have been a "Summers brother" despite the fan-term). Sinister mentioned only "your brothers." In addition, Vulcan, in-stasis and believed dead while the Legacy Virus was a problem, could not have been the brother mentioned by Sinister. Also, Sinister never says how many brothers Scott and Alex have, so they may have more than one other brother. Adam, being a brother to the Summers, could explain Sinister's interest in him earlier on. It was finally revealed in X-Men Legends #2 that Adam is the genetically engineered son of Emperor D'ken and Katherine Summers, making him the maternal half brother of Cyclops and Havok.


  • After easily surviving the headshot, Adam said that his brain is in his buttocks. Though it is unknown if he was serious or sarcastic.[1]

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