Warlock was a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. When Warlock traced the location of Michael Korvac to Earth, the Guardians went to the Avengers Mansion to find him. They crossed paths with the Avengers and were initially confrontational. Warlock battled Black Panther and was able to read his mind to predict his movements. After Warlock went mad and attacked the two teams, Warlock used the power of the Soul Gem to save the them and teleported them all inside of the cosmic stone. After the Guardians revealed Korvac's true nature, they teamed up and surprise attacked him in Central Park. Warlock was almost able to stop Korvac but the two teams proved to be no match. After Korvac's wife convinced him that he had become a monster, Korvac teleported into deep space where even Warlock could not find him.[1]


Seemingly those of Adam Warlock of Earth-616


Seemingly those of Adam Warlock of Earth-616


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