When Thanos acquired the Infinity Gauntlet, he used it to wipe out beings in the universe in an effort to appease Death. Warlock teamed up with Doctor Strange and Silver Surfer to oppose him and went to enlist the New Fantastic Four for help. Warlock would not reveal the plan and so the New Fantastic Four did not trust them and the group left. Their plan amounted to the Silver Surfer attempting to steal the gauntlet from Thanos. Wolverine (then pretending to be loyal to Thanos), alerted him to Surfer's arrival, but Thanos already sensed it and effortlessly vaporized him. The fate of the Warlock is unknown but after Thanos was defeated by the New Fantastic Four and Spider-Man acquired the Infinity Gauntlet, all of those killed by Thanos (save Mephisto), were resurrected. [1]


Seemingly those of the Adam Warlock of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Adam Warlock of Earth-616.

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