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While most of the past history of Adam Warlock on Earth-9997 mirrored that of his Earth-616 counterpart, through the eyes of Kyle Richmond, and the knowledge of the reborn Captain Mar-Vell, a number of secrets to the nature of Warlock's existence have been revealed.

The Soul Gem on Warlock's brow, given to him by the High Evolutionary, was to protect him from the many vices the High Evolutionary's creations on Counter-Earth suffered from. This gem however suppressed all emotions, including "good" ones such as love, and explained his lack of feeling or compassion towards Her, Warlock's intended mate.

Warlock's many death's over the years were as artificial as Warlock himself was. At one point he was resurrected by the Supreme Intelligence. Mephisto had made an allegiance with the Intelligence, and that Supremor would aid in the creation of multiple realities so that he could continue to expand his power through the deaths of alternate reality Kree to one day be as powerful as Mephisto, Death and Thanos. The Supreme Intelligence hoped to use Adam Warlock as a liaison between the land of the living and dead due to his unique nature. When Warlock refused to do so, he was killed by Supremor.

Warlock was also present following a point in history where Reed Richards had turned Galactus into a star. Warlock, the Silver Surfer, and the High Evolutionary all convinced Reed that turning Galactus into a star upset the balance of the universe. They talked Reed and his son Franklin into allowing the High Evolutionary to use his machines to advance Franklin's mutation to the third tier of mutation (where a being loses all self definition and their existence is determined by those around them) where the Silver Surfer would convince Franklin that he was Galactus.

Either during, or after the mutation of the entire Earth's population due to the release of the Terrigen Mists in the Earth's atmosphere, Adam Warlock returned to Earth and was reunited with Her, his intended mate. Probably through the manipulations of Captain Mar-Vell (using the Enigma Force in the Realm of the Dead), Him and Her were determined to create a child of their own, little knowing that Mar-Vell intended to be reborn through the conception of this child.

Warlock and Her went to Yancy Street to visit Alicia Masters-Grimm, wife of the Thing, whose mutation gave her the ability to create life. Alicia used her powers to impregnate Her and the two artificial beings went on to resume their lives, not to be seen again until shortly after the construction of the Human Torches following the defeat of the Celestial Host on Earth by Galactus.

Warlock and Her soon became the object of scorn due to mounting hysteria from mutated humanity, who was that the birth of a child (since the Terrigen Mists had long made humanity sterile) was a sign that their days as super-humans were at risk of ending. After Her gave birth, she was kidnapped by an army of mutates and taken away, while their child (revealed to be the reborn Captain Mar-Vell) was whisked away to Atlantis to be raised in safety.

Warlock spent the next three years living in Latveria with Reed Richards, unable to care enough about his mate to go looking for her due to the side effects of wearing the Soul Gem. During this time, Her came to be the prisoner of the Tong of Creel, whose motives for holding her captive remain as yet unclear, but are possibly due to the fact that her ability to give life was the antithesis to their quest to reassemble the Absorbing Man for the purpose of death.

At the age of three, the reborn Mar-Vell requested to be returned to Latveria and was brought there by the Thing. Upon his arrival, Mar-Vell, simultaneously in the land of the living and the Realm of the Dead, brought events together that would bring Susan Richards (Invisible Woman) back to life. Using Dr. Doom and Sue's brother Johnny Storm (The Human Torch) in the land of the dead to convince Sue that she was dead, and having Alicia Masters create Sue a new body using one of Reed's own arms and Adam's Soul Gem, Sue was brought back to life (it was also later revealed that this was also possible due to the fact that Reed Richards had entered the third tier of mutation much like his son.) Free from the effects of the Soul Gem, Adam Warlock decided it was time to search for his long lost wife and left Latveria.

His travels brought him to the High Evolutionary's old base of operations located on Wundagore mountain, to search for clues as to where Her was taken. Soon after, Mar-Vell, Venom and Thor arrived on Wundagore Mountain and Warlock joined with their group in hopes that Mar-Vell would eventually take him to his wife. The group traveled to the location of Kyle Richmond, whose eyes would be able to reveal this information. The group found Richmond along with X-51 in the streets of New York where they had just confronted Mephisto following the death of the Gargoyle.

Before being able to rescue Her, Warlock traveled with the band of heroes to the Savage Land to save the X-Men and the refugees from Wakanda from an attack made by Belasco and the Dire Wraiths from Limbo. Warlock was almost replaced by a Wraith himself, but was saved by X-51, and the group of heroes defeated Belasco when Mar-Vell revealed to the demon that he was actually the mutant formally known as Nightcrawler.

Returning to New York City, Warlock went after the Tong of Creel and did battle with their leader the Red Ronin. During the battle it was discovered that Ronin was really Wong, former manservant of Doctor Strange, the man who was truly responsible for Strange's astral form being trapped in the Realm of the Dead while his body lived on in the land of the living. As the fight raged on, Warlock cut open Wong's robe revealing that his mutation actually made him two beings in one, one made for good, the other for evil. Warlock, answering the pleas of Wong's good side, killed the gestalt being known as Red Ronin and freed Her.

Finally freed and in his arms once more, Warlock revealed to Her, now named Eve, that he was now free to love her now that he was free of the Soul Gem. The two have since remained together, and following the death of Death and the defeat of the Absorbing Man, the two have been seen aiding in one of the many hospitals of the living dead in Latveria.

While it appears their relationship with Mar-Vell has been strained due to recent events, their current status is as yet unrevealed.



Warlock has previously had all the abilities and powers as his Earth-616 counterpart.

Upon removing the Soul Gem, it is unknown what the nature of his abilities are now, as Warlock has not exhibited any super human abilities since the time Her has been pregnant with child.

It has been revealed that Warlock can artificially simulate death, and as such can achieve a state of artificial life or death under ideal circumstances.



Soul Gem: Adam Warlock once was in the possession of the Soul Gem. It's properties are presumably similar to that of his Earth-616 counterpart. It has been revealed that this Gem, as a side effect, hampered the conditions of the soul including emotions of both a positive and negative nature. While wearing the Gem, Warlock was incapable of feeling hatred, greed, or even love.

The Gem itself also contains as yet unrevealed connections to the Realm of the Dead, and it is unknown if the Soul Gem of Earth-9997 has within it a "Soul World" like Earth-616, and if Soul World is possibly an extension of the Realm of the Dead itself.

Additionally, the Soul Gem also as as yet unrevealed properties that could allow the soul of a being from the Realm of the Dead manifest itself in an lifeless body in the realm of the living, as indicated when it was one of the tools used to bring Susan Richards back to life. It's actual function in this process, and if the Gem's removal from Sue's body would reverse the process is as yet unknown.

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