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After absorbing the power of the sentient Cosmic Cube known as Kubik, the Super-Adaptoid (now calling itself the Supreme Adaptoid) used its newfound powers to give birth to billions of Adaptoids, each programmed to seek out a human being, replicate their attributes and appearance, and then destroy them. The Supreme Adaptoid's plan to repopulate the Earth with its replicas, however, was foiled when Captain America exploited its sole weakness to defeat him. This prompted Kubik to remove the sliver of himself from the Supreme Adaptoid, causing it to return to its previous form and the Adaptoids to cease to exist.[1]

A.I.M.'s Adaptoids

A team of Adaptoids was later created by A.I.M. from samples taken from the Avengers after they were defeated in battle by an unknown entity. The first type of Adaptoids, the Explorer-Class, were created with the objective to explore the Multiverse. They were deployed to fight the Avengers of an alternate universe and take them back to A.I.M. Island. During the battle, two Adaptoids were destroyed. After one of the Adaptoids showed a rogue behavior by killing Ant-Man, the A.I.M. operative with them on the scene ordered the Adaptoids to abandon the fight and return to the Island. While in their holding area, the Adaptoids showed self-sentience and changed their appearance.[2]

They began to explore the Multiverse and the void left after universes were destroyed during Incursions, and eventually found a base where the Mapmakers welcomed them and made them as their own.[3]

Alternate Reality Versions

Marvel Contest of Champions Act 1 Chapter 2.jpg

Marvel Contest of Champions (Earth-TRN517)

On Earth-TRN517, the Adaptoids were natural outgrowths of the Battlerealm itself. Thanks to the ISO-Sphere, the Collector was able to control them, using them as obstacles for the Summoners in his Contest of Champions. Among the variations of Adaptoids found in the Battlerealm were the Super-Adaptoids, normal Adaptoids that evolved through prolonged exposure to the ISO-8, and the Symbioids, born from the fusion between normal Adaptoids and the Venom symbiote.[4]

Marvel’s Avengers (Earth-TRN814)

On Earth-TRN814, Adaptoids were created and used by A.I.M. to harness the power of captured Inhumans. When dispensing Dark Terrigen, a machine would transfer the powers of the Inhuman into the Adaptoid.[5]

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