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Addison Falk, also known as the Grey King, was one of the nanotech "X-Men" created by Cerebro. Cerebro based Falk and his teammates on mutants in Professor X's files, possibly Jean Grey, Sebastian Shaw, and Magneto in Falk's particular case. Grey King also wore a Phoenix-like costume and had red hair.[1]

Cerebro destroyed Addison and the other nanotech X-Men shortly after their creation.[2]

Powers and Abilities


  • Telepathy: Addison was a super-intelligent telepath.
    • X-Factor Neutralization: Addison has the ability to psionically neutralize mutant powers.
  • Telekinesis: He also possessed telekinetic abilities to move, lift, and manipulate matter with his thoughts.
    • Psychic Corona: When he utilized his telekinesis, he was surrounded by a corona of psychic fire in the shape of a bird (like the Phoenix Force).


  • Carlos Pacheco said in the Spanish magazine X-Men that Grey King was designed after Jean Grey and Sebastian Shaw, the Black King. His name is a pun between Jean's surname, Grey, and the alias of Shaw, Black King.

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