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A classmate of Peni Parker, Addy Brock proved compatable with the experimental Sym Engine installed into the VEN#m Suit. She approached Peni and confronted her over the rumors that she was SP//dr, hoping to team up, but Peni - not realizing Addy was a fellow pilot - brushed her off. The following day, Addy arrived at Oscorp to discuss piloting the VEN#m mech with Ben, gushing about the connection she felt with it.

When New York was attacked by the kaiju M.O.R.B.I.U.S. and SP//dr was captured, Addy and VEN#m were dispatched to defeat it. However, VEN#m stopped responding to Addy's commands, the Sym Engine going berserk. Interfacing with Addy's mind, it began assimilating her body with biomechanical cables and tendrils. When May entered the mech to shut it down, Addy pleaded to be saved but was completely assimilated.[1]



VEN#m Suit


Arm-mounted razor blades and energy cannons.


  • VEN#m going berserk and assimilating its pilot is an homage to Unit-01 from the Evangelion franchise.

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