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Adelynn was the daughter of former Avengers member Jacques Duquesne, also known as the Swordsman. She grew up without her father in her life, but managed to follow in his footsteps, she trained in hand to hand combat and became highly skilled in the use of a sword. Going by the name Swordswoman, she joined the newly formed team Euroforce, led by the Black Knight.

Swordswoman vs. Spider-Woman

They ventured to the country of Italy where they came into contact with some members of the Avengers. Adelynn fought Spider Woman not knowing who she was until Black Knight broke it up. Both groups were then surrounded by Morgan Le Fay and her army of the dead.[2]

Sometime later, Black Knight left to Weirdworld and Key returned to the team and was appointed its new leader.[3]

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Master Swordsman.




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