Adena is one of the Ancient One's disciples and ally to Wong.

Quote1.png "No! I will not leave you, Master!" Quote2.png
-- Adena, as she makes her last stand alongside the Ancient One. src


Adena was first seen chasing the Beast sent by Dormammu through New York alongside Baron Mordo, Wong, and her fellow sorcerers. They pursue and kill it where the Sanctum Sanctorum is cloaked by magic. Although victorious, Adena, Wong, and the others were momentarily seen through their disguise by Stephen Strange. Adena was then seen returning to Kamar-Taj though the Nexus veil.

Then Adena was seen walking through the halls as she and the others returned to New York to fend off a wave of Shadow Hounds. During the fight, Adena manages to save fellow sorcerer Miro. She and her team suffered a few casualties, including Lucy. Upon returning to Kamar-Taj, she was seen tending to Miro on her way in. The next time they returned to New York, they face the Chinou. During the battle, Adena was knocked off its back by the tail. After Wong took over Stephen's training, Adena and the other sorcerers trained him in staff wielding.

After Stephen completed his training, she followed the other disciples to New York to face the last of Dormammu's threats, the Wing Marks. During the fight, the Ancient One had Adena and Miro guard the Sanctum's entrance with their lives.

Adena was left fighting the Wing Marks after her last two allies were devoured. As Adena struggled to hold her own against the swarm, the Ancient One stepped in, ordering her to retreat to safety. Adena refused to leave behind her master as one last act of loyalty. The two held up a powerful barrier spell to protect themselves from the flesh-eating swarm. Unfortunately, Adena buckled under the strain and let out a scream as the Wing Marks consumed her in seconds. Although perished, Adena's sacrifice allows the Ancient One to use all his strength and vaporize the entire swarm in an explosion, but it soon cost him his own life.[1]


- Energy Magic


- Expert Combatant - Staff Wielding



Towards her final moments, Adena is shown to be the most selfless and loyal disciple of the Ancient One.

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