Adhesive X was a chemical created by Nazi scientist Baron Zemo, that could bond with anything, and was practically indissolvable. Ironically, the Zemo family has had a great deal of frustration with their creation as Heinrich Zemo had his distinctive mask permanently attached to his face by Adhesive X. As a result, Zemo became consumed with a violent, insane hatred for Captain America and mankind in general. Likewise his son, Helmut Zemo, fell into a boiling vat of Adhesive X and his face was grotesquely disfigured.[1]

The Trapster developed a solution that would dissove Adhesive X.[2] For years Helmut Zemo has lauded Adhesive X as one of his family's greatest inventions.


  • The accursed Adhesive can only be removed by one of the Trapster`s (Paste Pot Pete) chemical pastes.
  • The only one to have removed Adhesive X from his body forcibly without injury is the Incredible Hulk.[3]

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