Admiral Footsu was part of the Imperial Japanese Navy during World War II. In 1944, he was stationed in Kobe, Japan, where he had workers constructing a massive super-sub to use against American ships that would encroach on the waters near Japan.

When the Sub-Mariner attempted to destroy the sub, his soldiers trapped the hero in a net and gassed him. After dehydrating the hero with sun lamps, Footsu ordered the Sub-Mariner to be put in a water tight room while he launched an attack against an American battleship fleet. However, the Sub-Mariner escaped and after Footsu's attack forced the American ships to pull back, Namor forced his way aboard the super-sub.

Battling the soldiers, Namor grabbed Footsu and used him as a human shield to reach the ballast controls. There Namor set off a bomb that caused the super-sub to rapidly fill with water. Namor then fled leaving Footsu and his men to drown aboard the sinking submarine.[1]


Admiral Footsu's Super-Sub

Admiral Footsu's super-sub.

Admiral Footsu commanded a so-called "Super-Sub", a massive submarine that was over 1000 feet in length. It had three turrets, two smaller turrets armed with six cannons, and one larger one armed with twelve cannons. Other than the additional cannons and greater size it did not appear to have any additional enhancements.

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