Admiral Leeds was a high ranking member of the United States Navy during World War II. He was close friends with Dan Kane, who unknown to him was the costumed hero known as Captain Terror. Leeds would regularly tell Kane of his up coming missions and dissuade Kane from joining along due to Dan's supposedly weak heart. This was a ruse that Kane maintained so that he could operate as Captain Terror without arousing suspicion.

When Leeds was assigned to stop the Nazi operative known as the Black Claw, he would be hard pressed to stop the villain from sinking American ships until the Claw was stopped by Captain Terror[1]. Dan Kane later introduced scientist John Wolff to Leeds, who organized tests of Wolff's new camouflage paint. When Wolff was kidnapped by Nazi operative Black Carlo, Leeds arrived just as Captain Terror defeated the foe and took Carlo into custody[2].

Leeds was assigned to stop the sinking of supply ships coming out of the South American country of Abolivia. Leeds was on hand when Captain Terror stopped the perpetrator, a Nazi named Gustave Leech[3].


Admiral Leeds commonly had military ships at his command.

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