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Adolf Impossible is the son of the Impossible Man, and was presumably spawned from him directly as with all Poppupians.[citation needed] Despite having many of his father's fantastic powers, he has a much more introverted personality, causing his dad to label him as "entirely too possible" and plead with the Future Foundation to accept him and allow him to grow as a person.[1]



Adolf seems to possess most or all the abilities of his father, the Impossible Man, though it is unknown if he shares his level of imagination or mastery of any of them. These include:

Shapeshifting: Adolf can alter his body's natural composition to nearly any form he chooses.[2]

Molecular Transformation: Has the ability to alter any molecules in his immediate area to an unknown degree. He was once able to trap the auxiliary members of the Fantastic Four inside boxes created entirely with his mind.[1]


Adolf possibly suffers from some kind of anxiety disorder, claiming that his constant worrying can sometimes overwhelm him.[3]

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