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Adora was the Queen of Xandar. Her husband Tanak Valt was Nova Prime. She once enlisted the Fantastic Four's help in ending Xandar's war with the Skrulls.[2]

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Adora led the reconstruction of Xandar after the decimation of the Skrulls. Adora and the Xandarians were virtually wiped out when Nebula conquered Xandar (Garthan Saal and Pyreus Kril survived, Gabriel Lan who died before Xandar's destruction was later resurrected). Adora was able to tell Firelord of Nebula's crimes before her death.[3]

Adora and presumably all other Xandarians were resurrected via cloning when Richard Rider used Garthan Saal's power to reboot the Xandarian World Mind.[4] Adora made Richard Rider a member of the Nova Corps again[1] but later stripped of him of his duties and powers when he did not leave to fight a battle for Xandar when his own world was in danger. Adora appointed Garthan Saal the Nova of Earth's sector.[5] Garthan Saal eventually was killed stopping Volx the Dire Wraith queen and Richard Rider's powers were returned.[6]

Adora and the rest of Xandar were killed again during the Annihilation Wave.[7] Her Death was more pronounced by the Worldmind's flashback of the fallen Xandarians when Sam Alexander met him after his return from Cancerverse. [8]

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