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Adrian is the son of an anti-mutant extremist who was killed in battle. His father's associates called themselves "Purifiers", and under their care Adrian was educated to hate all mutants and conditioned to seek revenge for his father's murder. The Purifiers have trained Adrian to be a soldier in their army of "pure-blooded" Homo sapiens.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Psychic Resistance: Adrian has the ability to resist the psychic influence of Luis Reyes. This does not appear to be a total mental block as other psychics, such as Emma Frost can still communicate with him telepathically.

Enhanced Strength: While not to the extent of other mutants with Super Strength, Adrian has been shown to be capable of breaking through damaged pavements and rooftops in order to access the spaces beneath without doing himself any noticeable harm.

Enhanced Acrobatics: As above, while not seemingly in the league of other mutants with this power, Adrian has shown a great jumping and climbing ability, capable of jumping more than twice his height and landing safely from far greater. He has also been shown shimmying along thin edges with impressive speed considering the situation.


Adrian has been shown to have hallucinations about his deceased father, pointing to some form of mental illness.



  • Suits: Suits provide the wearer with multiple power-up states when combined with their respective X-Gene Sets.
  • X-Gene: Collectable Items, they augment the user's existing powers in order to aide them in combat. There are Offensive, Defensive and Utility type X-Genes.


Batons: Purifier baton with a electrical charge running through it. Adrian doesn't really use it after his powers manifest.


Adrian is voiced by Scott Porter.

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  1. According to the game's official website
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