Early Life

The Vulture was one of the many villains defeated and incarcerated on the Raft by Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man

Adrian spent years restrained until he was released by Doctor Octopus, who made him part of the Sinister Six, a supervillain group formed as part of his revenge plan on Mayor Norman Osborn. After joining the other members to battle the webhead on the rooftop of the Raft, He was sent with Electro to destroy the city. The Vulture ambushed Spider-Man, who was investigating the secret lair of the Sinister Six, taking him on a flight through the city. After joining forces with Electro, both villains battled Spider-Man over a factory, with spidey managing to defeat them, who were later arrested by the police.[1]


  • Spinal Cancer: Adrian developed Spinal cancer due to the batteries of his suit, prompting Doctor Octopus to upgrade it.


Seemingly those of Adrian Toomes of Earth-616, Later upgraded by Otto Octavius.

  • Adrian developed spinal cancer due to exposure to his suit's power source.

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