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Quote1.png The Vulture. A.K.A. Adrian Toomes. A.K.A. a dirty, rotten thief. Quote2.png


The Vulture was a member of Spider-Man's rogue gallery.


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He broke into Stark Tower and and attempted to steal blueprints for an unveiled Stark Industries invention. Spider-Man stumbled in on Vulture's heist, but the villain was able to escape. Unfortunately, he was tailed by Spider-Man and Iron Man, who teamed-up to capture him and recover the plans. He was subsequently taken into S.H.I.E.L.D..[1]

He was among the villains recruited into the Sinister Six to finally defeat Spider-Man.[2] They used Mysterio's holograms to trick Spider-Man into an ambush, but despite achieving the upper hand and having Spider-Man literally under their feet, the youth's will allowed him to prevail, defeating the Sinister Six.[3]

Stark Camp

Adrian allied with Shocker planned to rob the Maria Stark Science Center,[4] but Herman ended up ditching him anyway. Despite this setback, he decided to ransack the center anyway and stole a Repulsor Generator. He was pursued by Black Panther and Spider-Man and was unfortunately unable to escape them, leading to his capture.[5]



Seemingly those of Adrian Toomes of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Adrian Toomes of Earth-616.



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