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Quote1.png Adrian Toomes was a pathetic employee of yours, Modell. Fired with insufficient cause. I am the Vulture. Quote2.png


Adrian Toomes was an employee at Horizon High, but he was fired by Max Modell for stealing equipment. Sometime after that, Toomes donned his flight suit and called himself the Vulture, and attacked Midtown High to steal Vibranium. Spider-Man had his first encounter with Vulture who managed to get away from him. When he abducted Max Modell who stated the reason why he was fired, Vulture stated that those equipment were made by him. Upon Spider-Man saving Max Modell, Vulture doubled back to Midtown High were Spencer Smythe was displeased with the attack on Midtown High. Before using a sonic attack on him, Vulture states to Spencer that he doesn't care about his own vendetta against Modell. Before he can attack Alistaire Smythe, Vulture was stopped by Spider-Man and left for the approaching police officers.[2]

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A few weeks later, Adrian was released from prison thanks to Norman Osborn, who asked him to be a teacher in his new Osborn Academy for Geniuses and use his tech to create a Vulture Force. He did allow Alistaire Smythe to try out one of the Vulture Suits even when they fought a symbiote-possessed Spider-Man.[3] By the time of Stark Expo, there were already at least three Vulture Suits.[4]

Adrian Toomes was present with Norman Osborn when Osborn hired Kraven the Hunter to hunt down Spider-Man and Spider-Man II. When Kraven started to veer from Norman Osborn's instructions, Vulture used his sonic attack to knock Kraven out during the fight at the Central Park Zoo (as Norman Osborn tranquillized Spider-Man). When Spider-Man II rescued Spider-Man, they fought Vulture until they tricked him into attacking an explosive substance. Vulture was able to get Norman Osborn away from the explosion.[5]

Afterward, Peter Parker secretly found out that Norman Osborn and Spencer Smythe conspired to get Harry Osborn kicked out of Horizon High. He tried to convince Harry to believe him, Harry knowing that because Horizon was closed because of the Lizard's attack on them, Peter went to the Osborn Academy for Geniuses for the day where he encountered Toomes. After seeing The Octopus protect his Octobots from The Jackal and his rhino army, Toomes, Steel Spider, and Ultimate Spider Slayer protected their equipment from Warren and freed Rhino from Warren's mind control along with the other rhinos.[6]

Sometime later, Toomes assisted the other Osborn Commandos and saved Harry. However, Otto mind-controlled them to follow his commands before all six (including the Jackal) escaped. Afterwards, Otto renamed the team to the Sinister Five.[7] After the events of Spider-Island, Toomes along with the other Sinister Five members wore down Spider-Man so Otto could mind-control him and renamed the team to the Sinister Six. Toomes was relieved of the mind-control by Spider-Man and Hobgoblin.[8]

Afterward, Toomes was beaten by Hobgoblin and Spider-Man and was locked up in prison a second time, according to Spider-Man.[9] Before Toomes left Oz Academy, he built the Goblin Mech, a indestructible tool that could hack in any device.[10]

Sometime later, after escaping prison, Toomes watched Spider-Man perform with the Wake Riders and noticed that they were wearing Vulture gear that was stolen from Oscorp, and he confronted Spider-Man. Eventually, instead of fighting Barkley Blitz, he teamed up with them before going into hiding.[11] Toomes bailed out the Wake Riders eventually.[1] Following this event, Toomes created the Goblin Nation. Joseph Rockwell was sent in to spy on Slyde and Allan Beemont and had Beemont fire Beacher, before he was discovered by Spider-Man and Otto.[12]

Following Alistaire Smythe's defeat at the hands of Spider-Man, Spider-Girl, Ghost Spider, and Superior Spider-Man, Toomes, under the alias "Goblin King," freed him, with Octavius observing.[13]

When Spider-Man and Hobgoblin looked for evidence that Harry's father Norman was alive, they found Toomes' lab, and Harry confronted Toomes who pretended to be Norman before he was revealed.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Vulture of Earth-616.



  • Vulture Suit: Vulture wears an anti-gravitational exosuit powered by Vibranium, which allows him to fly and produce sonic screams. The suit has sharp claws for his hands and talons for his feet, which can be used for cutting and grabbing objects/people. It suit also has a beak-like helmet to protect his head.
  • Goblin Suit: Goblin King wears a bulky green exosuit designed after the original Hobgoblin suit.


Sonic Scream, claws/talons, and pumpkin bombs


He prefers flying.

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