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Quote1.png Spider-Woman. Always Spider-Woman. Why? Why do you fear the Spider-Woman? For "killing" the Parker boy? No. They hate her for how small--How insignificant she's made their lives. And so they look to you? To protect them. To save them. Feh. Who needs saving? Who needs you? I am the Vulture. I feast on death. Quote2.png
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The Vulture was an ex-Oscorp employee who fired after his life's work was overtaken and stolen by CEO Norman Osborn. In response, Vulture used mechanical wings to attack NYPD officers and get revenge on the world that mistreated him. He later desired to kill Spider-Woman in order to feel special.

After the media linked the Vulture with Spider-Woman, the arachnid hero set out to find Toomes. Once she caught her attention, both fought. As the Vulture was flying away, Spider-Woman shot a web-line in order to be carried away with him and follow him. However, the Vulture used the claws in his suit to rip the web, causing Spider-Woman to fall from a great height.[1]

With Spider-Woman believed dead, the Vulture was captured by Kingpin's henchmen and beaten up by Matt Murdock. The Vulture admitted not being certain of Spider-Woman's death, due to the lack of a body, and he was ordered to find evidence of her survival.[2]

The Vulture attacked George Stacy in his home, in order to find his connection with Spider-Woman, due to her rescuing him from Aleksei Sytsevich time ago, and gassed the residence. Gwen, who was on the scene, used the gas as a cover to change into her Spider-Woman suit and confront the Vulture. After being shot in the shoulder by Stacy, the Vulture was forced to flee. Spider-Woman followed him where she managed to beat him even though she was under the effects of the gas. He was then left webbed to a police car.[3]

Gwen, following her final confrontation with Matt Murdock, grew repentant of her actions, and decided to publicly reveal her identity and turn herself into the police. After being tried and sentenced to one year in a S.H.I.E.L.D. maximum security prison, it was revealed that the Vulture had risen to the top of the prison's hierarchy. Over the course of Gwen's prison term, Vulture prominently took part in mentally and physically tormenting Gwen alongside the many other inmates and S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel.[4]

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Seemingly those of the Adrian Toomes of Earth-616.



Electromagnetic Wing Harness

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