Quote1 Spider-Woman. Always Spider-Woman. Why? Why do you fear the Spider-Woman? For "killing" the Parker boy? No. They hate her for how small--How insignificant she's made their lives. And so they look to you? To protect them. To save them. Feh. Who needs saving? Who needs you? I am The Vulture. I feast on death. Quote2
-- The Vulture src

The Vulture was an ex-Oscorp employee who used mechanical wings to attack NYPD officers. He desired to kill Spider-Woman in order to feel special.

After the media linked the Vulture with Spider-Woman, the arachnid hero set out to find Toomes. Once she caught her attention, both fought. As the Vulture was flying away, Spider-Woman shot a web-line in order to be carried away with him and follow him. However, the Vulture used the claws in his suit to rip the web, causing Spider-Woman to fall from a great height.[1]

With Spider-Woman believed dead, the Vulture was captured by Kingpin's henchmen and beaten up by Matt Murdock. The Vulture admitted not being certain of Spider-Woman's death, due to the lack of a body, and he was ordered to find evidence of her survival.[2]

The Vulture attacked George Stacy in his home, in order to find his connection with Spider-Woman, due to her rescuing him from Aleksei Sytsevich time ago, and gassed the residence. Gwen, who was on the scene, used the gas as a cover to change into her Spider-Woman suit and confront the Vulture. After being shot in the shoulder by Stacy, the Vulture was forced to flee. Spider-Woman followed him where she managed to beat him even though she was under the effects of the gas. He was then left webbed to a police car.[3]


Seemingly those of the Adrian Toomes of Earth-616.


Electromagnetic Wing Harness

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