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First encountered within a hidden lab, Vulture had been creating equipment based on Oscorp and Stark Industries designs for the Kingpin. Battling Spider-Man, he was defeated and left webbed to a billboard.

He later reappeared after Peter makes an unsecured call to Mary Jane and said he had the right idea. Peter then had to choose between Vulture and Moon Knight as to whose aide he will take. Even if not chosen, he appeared at Ryker's Island later in order to take the Tinkerer and again when discussing how best to deal with the symbiotes.

During the Symbiote outbreak, Kingpin remarked that Toomes has started to display odd behaviour and told Spider-Man to keep an eye on him.

Bonded with a symbiote

When preparing to set off the Tinkerer's bomb, a video feed revealed a now Symbiote-possessed Toomes having taken control of the Trask Building, preventing a remote detonation of the device. Demanding Spider-Man, the web slinging hero went out to meet him. Battling Toomes, he defeated Vulture a second time and had the choice of activating the bomb, purging the majority of Manhattan of Symbiotes, or destroying the bomb and having him fly up to the Helicarrier to fight Venom.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Vulture of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Vulture of Earth-616. Also, unlike his Adrian Toomes (Earth-616) counterpart, he can throw and telepathically control his wings at will.


None known



Magnetic wings with harness that controls the wings


blade wings.


Flight via his wings


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