Left desperate after a failed business opportunity, Adrian Toomes used the scavenged advanced tech and alien weapons left behind during previous super hero battles to become a black market power-player. Toomes built himself a massive winged vehicle from these scraps and leftovers, retrofitting the rest into weapons he could sell.[1]

At some point before being captured by the Collector, Toomes had his scheme foiled by the Stark Enhanced Spider-Man, who was also captured by the Elder of the Universe.[2]

Contest of Champions

Battlerealm: Homecoming

The Vulture confronted the Starked Enhanced Spider-Man again in Battlerealm while transporting some mysterious artifacts for the Black-ISO Mafia. He was ultimately defeated by the Stark Enhanced Spider-Man and the Summoner, who secured the artifacts soon afterwards.[2]

Sinister Foes of Spider-Man

The Vulture was one of the six villains the Grandmaster assembled to hunt down the Stark Enhanced Spider-Man due to his particular distaste for him. He was defeated by the Stark Enhanced Spider-Man again during their rematch.[3]


The Contest labels the Vulture as a Tech Champion, therefore weakening him against Cosmic Champions.


Vulture's Wings

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