Princess was one of the Spider Queens, a group of clones created by the Jackal from the DNA samples he collected from Adriana Soria's corpse after her demise during their failed attempt to transform every person in the world into monstrous giant spiders under her control.

After assisting the Jackal capture Andrew Maguire, who became the superhero known as Alpha after an accident with Parker Particles gave him powers, Princess died from cellular degeneration, which was activated by the Jackal after he failed to create an army of Alpha clones.[1]


Princess and the Spider Queens haven't displayed most of their clonal source's powers, but were shown to possess some new abilities from their genetical enhancing, based on Spider-biology:

  • Superhuman Strength
  • Stingers: Princess and her siblings had the ability to expel stingers from their mouth. They released a venom, causing direct trauma and/or flaccid paralysis. Based on Spider-biology, they were ineffective on Spider-Man.
  • Biological/Organic Webbing Generation: She was also gifted with the ability to organically produce her own silk webbing from glands located in her mouth. These organic webs had many of the same properties as Spider-Man's artificial webbing. Inspecting them, Spider-Man stated that that webbing was supposed to decay within a hour, as the one he had once.[2]

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  1. Amazing Spider-Man #693
  2. That's seems to be an error as his own organic needed a week to decay

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