Not much is known about Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.), but only with exception that the organization was composed of several directorates spread across the Earth and have been secretly acquiring advanced technologies from other organizations such as hiring the Mad Thinker to steal Cerebro from the X-Men and frame the Fantastic Four. But their hired hand betrayed them.[1]

One of their esteemed member, George Tarleton oversaw the capture of a damaged Gah Lak Tus module which A.I.M. intended to use for their own purpose. However, Tarleton was controlled by the module and destroyed A.I.M.'s space station where it was contained and all A.I.M. personnel on board died. The module was eventually destroyed by a mind-freed Tarleton, Vision, and the Falcon.[2]

After the events of Ultimatum, A.I.M. took the opportunity to steal the Baxter Building's technologies and hired the Red Skull to accompany them and battling opposition from Ultimates members Captain America and Hawkeye. It was then later revealed that A.I.M. stole the blueprints to Mister Fantastic's Cosmic Cube, in which they intend to build and use it to recreate the world into their own image.[3] However, Red Skull betrayed A.I.M. and used the Cube for his own ends, in which he used it in forcing A.I.M. agents stationed in Alaska to cannibalize each other.[4]

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