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Official Name
Advanced Idea Mechanics
Current Member(s)
Lyle Getz, unnamed agents
Identity and Affiliations
Base of Operations
Numerous unlocated headquarters and bases
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Iron Man is in Slovakia breaking up an arms deal between A.I.M. and Lucia von Bardas, involving Stark's advanced technology. He captures the A.I.M. agents and hauls them to the Vault, but lets von Bardas go free to give Dr. Doom a message from Stark that he's next.[1]

A.I.M. was later responsible for performing an unsafe experiment on Simon Williams that would turn his body into pure ionic energy, turning him into the Wonder Man. Their base was then attacked by Thor and Wasp but defended by M.O.D.O.C until its destruction.[2]

After losing to the Avengers once, they decided to get revenge by attacking Stark Tower using Technovore to consume all Arc Reactor energy readings. The Scientist Supreme had led the attack, and taken Pepper Potts hostage. Many A.I.M. henchmen were attacked by Captain America, Black Panther, and War Machine before being completed defeated after Technovore was overloaded and destroyed.[3]

The A.I.M. was targeted as well as others Earth organizations, and one of the candidates for the role of Scientist Supreme, Lyle Getz, was abducted and replaced.[4]



Various A.I.M. equipment


Various A.I.M. weapons


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