Appearing in "The Dark Dungeon"

Featured Characters:

  • Jerome (Death)

Supporting Characters:

  • Horatio (Death)

Other Characters:

  • Doctor
  • Horatio's dogs

Races and Species:


  • Habersham Hall

Synopsis for "The Dark Dungeon"

Seven years ago, after the death of his mother, Jerome moves in with his elderly Uncle Horation. Horatio keeps mastiffs half-starved in the dungeon so that he can press a button to release them in the event thieves enter his house. Terrified of the dogs, Jerome is hesitant to stay, until Horatio informs him that his millions will go to Jerome once he passes.

For five years, Jerome waits on his uncle hand and foot, until he grows tired of waiting and decides to hurry nature along. Placing a trip wire in front of Horatio's bedroom door, Horatio tumbles down the stairs to the first floor. Somehow, Horatio survives, but breaks both legs, confining him to a wheelchair. For another two years, Jerome waits on his uncle, until he has the idea to use the dogs to get rid of his uncle. Jerome drugs Horatio and wheels his wheelchair into their enclosure, where the dogs tear Horatio to shreads.

A feew weeks later, a cloaked man arrives and invites himself to stay. Jerome relents, as the man somehow knows of Horatio's death. One night, Jerome falls down the stairs, and breaks his legs, much like his uncle. The cloaked man tells Jerome he'll handle things, as alerting the town doctor would draw questions about Jerome. Confined to a wheelchair, the cloaked man begins taking care of Jerome.

Jerome beings demanding the man leave, but he polietly refuses and hands Jerome his nightly drink. Jerome takes a drink, and falls into a dream-like state. He awakes in the dungeon, surrounded by his late uncle's dogs. Jerome completely pieces together that the man was in fact Horatio's ghost. However, the conclusion is in vain, as he is quickly devoured by the hounds.

In the present day, Jerome's spirit is still wandering through Habersham Hall, waiting on his Uncle Horatio.

Appearing in "Second Floor Rear!"

Featured Characters:

  • Unnamed Landlady (Death)


  • Mr. Vesi

Other Characters:

  • Mr. Vesi's straw men

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Second Floor Rear!"

A landlady running a boarding house is suffering from low business until she rents to a quiet man named Mr. Vesi. Despite her efforts, Vesi never speaks to her, which raises her curiosity. After looking through his keyhole one night, the landlady finds that Vesi has other men staying in his room with him, despite not paying extra rent for them. Outraged, the landlady bursts in the door, only to find that the "men" living with Mr. Vesi are infact made of straw.

Shocked, the landlady sets the straw men on fire, killing them. However, the fire spreads out of control, and engulfs the house. Climbing to the roof, she finds that Vesi has also survived. Relieved for a short moment, she is shocked to find that Vesi is also made out of straw. As Vesi lurches towards her, she trips over the ledge of the roof, falling to her implied death.

Appearing in "The Flowers of Evil"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "The Flowers of Evil"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "Ghouls Rush In"

Featured Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Corpses
    • Mr. Winson (Mentioned)
    • Peter McCoy (Grave)
    • Elderly woman

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Ghouls Rush In"

Graverobber John Magnus has made a killing off the jewelery he takes from the recently deceased, even selling younger bodies off for medical research. However, his business has taken a hit as the cemetary rats often beat him to the bodies, pulling them right thru the coffin into a series of tunnels.

Frustrated, John attempts to strip the jewelery off a corpse buried that morning. He pries open the coffin just in time to catch the rats pulling the body thru the bottom of the coffin. Not wanting to loss the profit, he grabs on to the corpse's ankles, but is dragged through the hole and underground. While fighting of the rats, the ground collapses on him, trapping him with the rats. John fights to free himself, fearful that the rats will eat him alive, however, through unrevealed circumstances, he is in fact transformed into a rat with a human head.

Appearing in "Off With His Head"

Featured Characters:

  • Marcel (Death)


  • Dream Man

Races and Species:

Synopsis for "Off With His Head"

In a Medival town, Marcel, the local exicutioner, is hated by all the townspeople. Due to his loneliness, Marcel drinks himself into a stupor, and regularly passes out in the gutters. Marcel suffers from dreams of a man carrying a basket of heads, including Marcel's.

One night, after being helped home by the town sentries, Marcel is confronted by the man from his dreams. The man shows Marcel the basket, which contains Marcel's head. Marcel has a heart attack from the sight. As Marcel keels over, the dream man reaches in the basket, and pulls out a jagged piece of glass, revealing that Marcel's head was simply a reflection. The man then drops the glass through Marcel's neck, beheading him, and walks away.

Appearing in "Talking Corpse"

  • Appearances not yet listed

Synopsis for "Talking Corpse"

When a medium is exposed as a fake, she shoots her client, but it turns out that she had more ability than she thought she did.


  • Features a text-only story entitled The Flowers of Evil.

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