Appearing in "My Brother...The Ghoul"

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Synopsis for "My Brother...The Ghoul"

Identical twins live out by the cemetery and when one gets hurt the other feels it. One is just but the other is a grave robber. The grave robber is sighted by the night watchman one evening and followed back to his dwelling. He switches clothes with the good brother so that he is the one arrested and sent to the chair (?). Moments before the execution the good brother professes his innocence, but of course this doesn't delay the pull of the switch. Miles away, the fatal current surges through the grave robber's body and the good brother asks to be released from the device.

Appearing in "The Image"

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Synopsis for "The Image"

  • Synopsis not yet written.

Appearing in "Step Right into the...House of Horror"

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Synopsis for "Step Right into the...House of Horror"

A haunted house investigator and a reporter visit an old mansion.

Appearing in "The Wooden Man"

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Synopsis for "The Wooden Man"

A deformed dwarf uses a life-size mannequin as his dummy in a ventriloquist act.

Appearing in "The Ghost Still Walks"

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Synopsis for "The Ghost Still Walks"

Frat boys tell the legend of a pledge who died of fright during his initiation and placed a curse upon them. A new pledge laughs at the story but becomes increasingly anxious as the hour drags on that they must stay in the cursed manor. Finally, he can bear the hooded eyes of the frat leader gazing upon him no more, as he has become convinced the frat leader has been possessed by the dead boy's spirit. He yanks off the frat leader's hood, but the boy is normal in appearance. The frat leader is angered by this affront, and in turn yanks off the pledge's hood, but shrinks away in terror. The pledge's rotted hands shoot out and fasten themselves around the leader's neck until he is nothing but a corpse. Too late, the new pledge realizes that he has been the one possessed by the dead boy's spirit because he laughed at the legend.

Appearing in "He Dwells in a Dungeon"

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Synopsis for "He Dwells in a Dungeon"

A woman marries a wealthy man with the intention of getting him committed to an asylum so she will get all the money, but first she must dispose of his feeble-minded brother. Because his appearance disturbs her, she asks her husband to make him stay in the basement. She removes her husband's gun from the drawer and heads down the stairs into the dark. When she sights the figure in the gloom, she fires the weapon, and returns upstairs. When she hears footsteps outside her door, she thinks it's her husband, but when the door opens and her brother-in-law advances upon her with bloodlust etched in his twisted face, she realizes she killed the wrong man.


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