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Quote1 I'm not the one ya should be worryin' about, Ch'vayre. From everythin' Redd and Slym told me, Apocalypse went a long way to takin' apart a dream. I'm gonna put it back together...again. Quote2
Nathan Dayspring

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Synopsis for "Sacrifice"

It has now been twelve years since Cyclops and Jean Grey were whisked away to this alternate reality by their daughter, Rachel. The techno-organic virus in Nathan's body has begun to take over and he is dying from it, since he appears to be in some kind of coma. Prior Turrin has made peace with the thought that Nathan is going to die while Cyclops [Slym] and Jean Grey [Redd] feel otherwise.

In Apocalypse's citadel, the time has come to transfer En Sabah Nur's [Apocalypse]'s consciousness to his new host, Stryfe. He has created a psi-bond with Stryfe and Ch'Vayre contests this action while being held down by other servants of Apocalypse. Apocalypse tells Ch'Vayre to quit his pleading and begins the ritual of transferring his spirit to the new host.

Meanwhile, Nathan seems to have found the state between death and life on the astral plane. Here he finds his half-sister, Rachel, who is also dealing with being at death's door herself. She explains to him who he is to become, Cable. She also explains that he has overwhelming powers and has to keep the virus in check at all times to keep him alive. Slym thinks he has lost his son and then suddenly, Nathan bounces back and puts the virus at bay and says that Redd is in trouble.

Redd, in the meantime, has left with Prior Turrin and they have gone to stop Apocalypse's "Legacy Virus" that he has created in this timeline but will be unleashed in the current timeline. Prior is attacked by Ch'Vayre and he says that Turrin will live. He and Redd decide to join up against Apocalypse to stop the transfer of Apocalypse's spirit to Stryfe from happening. Apocalypse blasts them both and continues the ritual when he suddenly stops and realizes this is not a true mutant but a clone of whom he sought for so long. Then, Slym and Nathan join Redd and together the three battle Apocalypse. Redd and Slym realize that they suddenly are being "pulled" back to our timeline and they quickly determine they need to break the bond between Stryfe and Apocalypse. Nathan does this and Apocalypse's body finally withers away since it has found no host. Nathan runs to Redd and he goes right through her body as she is whisked away to the astral plane. Rachel tells her she is losing her control on anchoring them to this timeline since her body has just died and her mind is soon to follow. She does ask one favor of Jean, to call herself Phoenix again in Rachel's honor. Cyclops also says goodbye to Nathan and says he will never be alone again and he too is sent back to the current time. Ch'Vayre takes Stryfe and says he will try to protect Stryfe and himself but he cannot guarantee Nate's safety. Nathan then packs his things and begins his journey on his own.


  • This story is reprinted in: Adventures of Cyclops and Phoenix TPB - Marvel, 1996
  • This reality is 2000 years into the future.
  • This third story takes place 12 years after the first.
  • Apocalypse says he named his son/host Stryfe from the villain that attacked him during the "X-Cutioner's Song" storyline. This was actually his son Stryfe, as an adult who had gone back in time, unbeknownst to Apocalypse.

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