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Appearing in "Better to Light a Small Candle..."

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  • Taa-an Though-Spheres
  • Taa-an Spaceship
  • Shi'ar Craft

Synopsis for "Better to Light a Small Candle..."

The M'Krann Crystal is damaged, and the universe is in danger. The X-Men have been summoned by Lilandra to discover a way to save it, their lives, and the lives of countless others from destruction. To do this, Jean Grey combines with the Phoenix once more, but even her power is not enough to heal the crystal. Instead, she telepathically gives the universe peace as it is destroyed. A new Universe then comes into being, and the X-Men are reformed once more, with all of its members.


  • The ending of the story is based on the opening page of X-Men #1, with Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Iceman reporting in to Xavier, who tells them they will have a new student named Jean Grey. This is a significant difference, because on Earth-TRN566, Angel was never an X-Men member, and Iceman either didn't exist or never was a part of the X-Men since he had no presence or mention in the X-Men Adventures (which never adapted the episode he appeared in) and Adventures of the X-Men series.
  • The destruction of Earth-TRN566 likely erased Bishop's future timeline [1] and Cable's future timeline[2], or at least altered them for the new Earth.

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