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Using Silver Surfer's cosmic powers, Dr. Doom turned a tropical isle in the Aegean Islands into a snow-covered frozen wasteland[1].

Midas used to live on a remote island in the Aegean Sea, where he plotted to kill Anthony Stark in order to acquire his wealth with the help of his cousin Morgan and Madame Masque[2].
After Madame Masque returned with a Tony Stark impersonator, Midas fired Morgan Stark and agreed to train the impostor, in order for him to infiltrate the Stark Industries and acquire Stark's wealth[3].
Stark was then abducted by Madame Masque and taken to Midas, who demanded that Stark sign his fortune over to him. The captive Stark was eventually released by Madame Masque, after he recognized her as Whitney Frost; donning his armor, Stark defeated Midas, despite his fear of his new heart giving out. As Iron Man and Masque escaped, Midas' compound exploded, but Masque left Stark while he's passed out from exertion[4].

Madame Masque was retrieved unconscious into a half-hidden grotto somewhere in the Aegean by Dr. Vryloak and his son, the Minotaur. Hoping to create a mate for his son as well as an army of similar creatures, Vryolak tried to trick Masque into drinking his potion, but she refused and was eventually rescued by Iron Man and Jasper Sitwell; moved by Sitwell's love for Masque, the Minotaur sacrificed himself and his father to save the strangers. Iron Man then returned Whitney's mask and she left while Sitwell was still unconscious[5].

Nicolas, a sponsor in the Great Game, used to live on the Aegean Sea[6].

Alison Mongrain used to live aboard a yacht on the Aegean Sea after she delivered the baby of Peter and Mary Jane Watson-Parker to Norman Osborn.[7]
She kept calling him for more funds, but couldn't reach him.[8]

Some time later, King Namor was contacted by Dr. Strange while he was in the Aegean Sea.[9]

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