The Aegis is an enchanted breastplate belonging to the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare, Athena, famously bearing Medusa's head. The breastplate was fashioned by Hephaestus in his forge.[1]

It was later found by the mortal Trey Rollins. He wore the he breastplate which can magically protect Rollins from any form of harm, by absorbing energy attacks or acting as a force field. Rollins has been able to reflect energy in a desired direction. The limits of the breastplate's protection remains unknown, but has been able to withstand blows from the god Hercules.[2]

It was also put to use by Typhon, who used it in his battle against Zeus and Hera, which protected him from the Olympians' lightning bolts,[3] but it apparently couldn't protect him from being killed by Hercules' Golden Mace. The breastplate was likely lost when Athena destroyed the machine that generated the Continuum dimension.[4]

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