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Aelsa Featherwine of the Fay was the queen of the Light Elves of Alfheim and has reigned for at least dozens of years.[1]

At some point and for some reason (possibly simply for the sake of the challenge), Thor Odinson crept upon her in her sleep in order to steal a lock of her hair. Unfortunately for him, she woke up and set him on fire, and it took him two decades to regrow his beard properly.[1]

Years later, the Warriors Three wanted to judge the new female Thor, and asked her to prove herself capable of many feats Thor had accomplished. Among those, the stealing of a lock of Aelsa's hair. Thor accomplished that feat by simply waking up the Elf Queen and addressing her demand.[1]

When Malekith the Accursed and his Dark Elves invaded Alfheim as part of the War of the Realms, Aelsa tried to negotiate with him. During the private meeting for negotiations, she was brainwashed with magic and forced to take Malekith's hand in marriage to unify the Light and the Dark Elves.[4] Following the marriage, Aelsa snapped out of the brainwashing and was imprisoned in her own dungeons.[5]

The Dark Elves proceeded to raze Afheim and consume its resources over the following months. The League of Realms tried to rescue Alesa, but they were instead lured to a trap.[6] While the League fended off Dark Elves, Malekith set in motion his plan to burn down Alfheim after having determined the realm outlived its usefulness. After starting a fire, Malekith attempted to murder Queen Aelsa. While she was plummeting to her death, Aelsa was saved by Mjolnir and taken to safety. Thor subsequently cast a storm to extinguish the flames, but most of Ljosalfgard had already burned down.[3]

During the Dark Council's assault on Midgard, Earth's heroes mounted a counter-offensive to fend off the invaders. When the Asgardian All-Mother Freya took control of the Malekith's Black Bifrost, she used it to send Midgard's heroes to recruit allies from across the realms. The Light Elves, including Queen Aelsa, were recruited by the Punisher, forming the Light Elf Rifle Brigade, which was deployed in Africa to fight off the Angels of Heven, helping in the efforts that ultimately would result in Malekith's death and the end of the War of the Realms.[7]



She possibly had powers, having set Thor Odinson on fire.[1]

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