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Aera is an Aerwan sorceress from the Wold, one of the many lands of the Godwheel. Some time ago, she stole a powerful and corrupting talisman known as the Vorlexx, bringing it to Earth where it was hidden, never to be used again.

Aera began living in London at the Darke Shoppe, a magical establishment catering to the supernatural. There she met Lela Cho, and conducted a reading forecasting their alliance as part of a group known as the Solution. Along with Troy Wilde and the Darkurian Vurk, the quartet became a mercenary team. Aera assumed the Ultra codename of Shadowmage.[1]



  • Rune Casting: Shadowmage is a sorceress able to cast a variety of spells. She channels her abilities through an alphabet of runes or sigils. By tracing a rune on her hand and calling its name, she can cast magic out from the symbol. By tracing runes onto other people or objects, she can make the rune affect them directly. Aera can also create runic cards, one-use spell-casting devices that can be summoned by anyone who evokes the rune aloud. This allows her to give spells to her teammates for them to use at their discretion. Her spells include:
    • Flame
    • Sleep
    • Flight
    • Invisible
    • Time Freeze
    • Illusion

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