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Sky-Island was formerly a floating island eight miles above the Atlantic ocean, and is home to the inhuman race of Bird People. The Bird People possess superior technology and utilize powerful anti-gravity drives to float the island high above the Earth's surface. They also use their technology to shroud the island in a thick fog bank, making it visually undetectable.[citation needed]

It is currently located in the vicinity of New Attilan, on the Hudson River.[8]


Origin of the Aerie


Modern Days

With a growing hatred for the humans who were filling their skies with smog, the Bird People planned to invade human civilization. Red Raven foiled their plot by using gas to place the entire avian population (including himself) in suspended animation, and sank their military complex (detached from the Sky-Island) to the bottom of the ocean, setting a timer to return them to the surface and reawaken them after several years.[9]

When the island eventually resurfaced near the end of the suspended-animation cycle the X-Men superhero Angel stumbled upon the island. Angel believed it would be more humane to revive the Bird People, but Red Raven disagreed. He again sank the island, continuing the suspended animation process, and set Angel adrift on a raft.[9]

Sometime later, following an undersea earthquake, the Red Raven construct's suspended-animation capsule broke loose. It floated to the surface, where Red Raven was found by his old wartime ally, Sub-Mariner. The imperfect suspended-animation technology that he had used, however, had begun to drive Red Raven insane, a condition that worsened when he wrongly believed that the Bird People all were dead. In a mad rage, he accidentally caused an explosion that destroyed the island.[10]

Years later, Red Raven was revived and became co-leader of the new Sky-Island with his daughter. Together they organized the surviving Bird People to rebuild the island.[2] before it became the only thing blocking a mystical portal[11] and then spent time as the transformed headquarters of The Order,[12] before being returned to normal once The Order were again in their right minds[13]


The Aerie was initially a relatively autonomous, until their secession.

They remained a monarchy,[6][14][1] secessionist leader Cheiros becoming the first king.[6]

In the modern age, At least from the 1920's, Aerivar XVIII ruled over the Aerie.[3] In the 1950's, Red Raven gassed the warrior class[9] and let a Red Raven construct to assure the base's functions.[3]

The real Red Raven later assumed control of the Bird-People.[8]

Ruler Title Date of rulership First appearance as leader Notes
Mad King Kylus King Circa 500 BC5,[15][3] or 1000 BC[1] ; Island in the Sky! First king, founder
King Aerivar XVIII King At least from 1920's[3] to 1970's[16] Red Raven Comics #1
"Red Raven" 70's[17] Red Raven Comics #1 Construct believing to be the real Red Raven
Red Raven Current[8] Amazing Spider-Man Special #1 Human adopted son of Aerivar XVIII


Non-Inhumans dwelling among the Bird People includes:



Errors and retcons

Some elements about the Aerie contradict themselves:


  • Sky-Island may have been inspired by the children's novel "Sky Island: Being the Further Adventures of Trot and Cap'n Bill after Their Visit to the Sea Fairies", which took place on a floating island surrounded by a Great Fog Bank.

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